My first foray into activism

So my first – and very long-awaited foray into activism finally happened….I went to the second Official Animal Rights March in London two weeks ago! And although there were literally thousands of us and it wasn’t quite as scary as leafleting in small groups, it was still a challenge to drag myself there, banner and… Continue reading My first foray into activism


Confessions of a Lazy Vegan

There is a teeny tiny part of me that I switch on to see things from a meat-eaters point of view. And sometimes (but not very often) I wish I could keep it on. I suppose you could call it a coping method – tuning into the idea that of course humans are the most… Continue reading Confessions of a Lazy Vegan


Six vegan friendly chocolates that aren’t bitter/dark!

I’m more of a ‘savoury person,’ is the woebegone phrase I’ve used to deflect many a ‘but don’t you miss chocolate/cakes/ ice cream?’ etc etc. However something that has occurred to me since beginning my vegan journey (sorry Gary Francione) is that chocolate does not actually contain milk by default. Like duh- that’s where the… Continue reading Six vegan friendly chocolates that aren’t bitter/dark!


A Brummie Vegan in Liverpool

  Last weekend, Marc and I left our inland home of Birmingham for the maritime city of Liverpool, home of The Beatles, Liver-birds and those girls that wander around on Saturdays with curlers in their hair (they are real!). During our weekend, we went to some museums (well, one), witnessed Tracey Emin’s unsavoury bed, went… Continue reading A Brummie Vegan in Liverpool


Vegan Arguments Worth Arguing

If your news/Twitterfeed is  relentlessly swamped with vegan tidbits/petitions/news like mine then you might have come across Jeremy Clarkson’s latest foray into veganism. The woebegone presenter, whose redundant ego couldn’t afford a better argument for veganism than ‘if you like cows then eat meat because they will become extinct,’ caused a bit of a stir.… Continue reading Vegan Arguments Worth Arguing


The House Mouse Chronicles

As a vegan, the  worse ethical pickle after clandestine beeswax in your lipsil or using your Mum’s Dove shampoo when you’re out of guilt free stuff, is trying your utmost compassionate best to live at peace with a loose rodent! I would LOVE to think I could live in harmony with this little critter who is… Continue reading The House Mouse Chronicles


How to Battle the Vegan Guilt at Christmas

Being a vegan at christmas can be challenging. Sometimes the embodiment of such over-compensating merriment can be overwhelming as it is. It’s difficult because we don’t want to begrudge others having a good time, but as a vegan  its hard not to be aware of the demand of such collective indulgence on the meat and… Continue reading How to Battle the Vegan Guilt at Christmas


Should vegans really care so much about tallow in the new £5 notes?

On Monday, The Bank of England confirmed that the new £5 notes contain tallow; animal fat which has for centuries been used for cooking, in soaps, candles and on Cate Blanchett’s face (apparently it works very well). The article I read this morning contained the usual quota of Twitter journalists, and one identifying as vegetarian… Continue reading Should vegans really care so much about tallow in the new £5 notes?


12 Cheap, Easy Vegan Sandwich Ideas

This is a celebratory post courtesy of a new job. Mainly because packed lunches are probably the best thing about going to work! Oh and getting paid of course. I’ve since been pondering sandwich filling ideas that go beyond the old wobegone crusty hummus, falafel combo (deep I know), and I’ve come up with quite… Continue reading 12 Cheap, Easy Vegan Sandwich Ideas


A Place Without Humans

Since I have been reading Patrick Barkham’s Badgerlands; courtesy of my dear boyfriend, I’m rediscovering my inherent love of the countryside. Badgerlands certainly captures the romanticism synonymous with the English country; in particular the woods at night. As a little girl I would watch the tales of Beatrix Potter on VHS. Before the story begins… Continue reading A Place Without Humans