About Me

PicsArt_1436977064006 Helllo! My name’s Cat, I’m a self proclaimed armchair activist, charity shop enthusiast, novice dumpster diver and generally compassionate Earthling who washes up with teabags, yet still enjoys enough trashy telly to remain a non-committal hippie. If you hadn’t already guessed, I’m also vegan. I started on my journey almost a year ago now and I must say, I’m enjoying it immensely 🙂 That said, it’s still not all that easy especially when arbitrary traces of animal are in more things than not!

When I first started out my biggest concern was soy milk curdling in my coffee-imagine! However, that was short-lived as I soon discovered a wealth of dairy milk substitutes.

‘Why, being vegan is easy!’ cried I.

This was all very well until those inconspicuous bags of flakes and seeds began showing up on my radar, you know the ones. You suddenly feel bombarded with ingredients that you’re only vaguely familiar with apart from beans which (now don’t panic) aren’t pre-fixed with baked. Now they huddle silently in my cupboard all expectant like, and I know I can’t keep ignoring them. I think they’re whispering about me.

Even more terrifying is the prospect of eating out which still sends my intestines into a much less organised squidgy knot. Whether to ring ahead and fuel backstage animosity and spend my evening paranoid about a clandestine egg? Or should I vocalize my right to options on arrival and end up with a plate of boiled veg, feigning enjoyment whenever the smug waiter/waitress reappears? Or amiable option number three: mumble something about chips and everybody wins.

Except vegans.

So, to all you likewise bewildered, newbie vegans out there, pray join me on my journey where the destination to perfect vegan seems to be getting ever further away like some pesky unobtainable thing. Are bags of ominous flakes, seeds and beans really the epitome of every hearty vegan dish? How do you cope with omnivore friends and loved ones who delight in challenging you? Or who ask if its OK to defrost their reindeer heart in your sink? How can you overcome the inner torment and anxiety of standing up for your choices?

It’s a life choice that shouldn’t be a big deal though sadly is. But as I tell myself every time I’m in an awkward situation: it can’t be worse than living in the darkness, fear and pain that many Earthlings are faced with everyday they wake up. It’s such a shame that confidence and skepticism is what stops many from going vegan. But hopefully together we can dispel such myths and help make being vegan yummy not only on the inside, but on the outside too.

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