Six vegan friendly chocolates that aren’t bitter/dark!


I’m more of a ‘savoury person,’ is the woebegone phrase I’ve used to deflect many a ‘but don’t you miss chocolate/cakes/ ice cream?’ etc etc.

However something that has occurred to me since beginning my vegan journey (sorry Gary Francione) is that chocolate does not actually contain milk by default. Like duh- that’s where the phrase ‘milk chocolate’ comes from! So I could have chocolate if I wanted to.

The trouble is, when my senses occasionally do give way to a sweet craving, I don’t really like dark chocolate.

So more recently, thanks to such occasions as Christmas, vegan fairs and erratic hormones I’ve made a few dairy free discoveries (or just chocolate) which are a lot gentler on the more sensitive palate.

So anyone who misses Galaxy, Milky Bar, Aero, Dairy Milk et al (I don’t- honestly) feast your eyes (or more aptly your taste buds) on this fine list I have taken the liberty to compiling. You’re welcome.

Hotel Chocolat slabs:Hotel choc

Price-wise its probably more befit to a festive occasion rather than a hormonal one, but you can’t go wrong with a bit of luxury now and again.

The chocolate despite its darker colour, is silky and creamy and the hazel nuts add little pops of texture.

There’s also an orange one- no it’s not Terry’s but it’s not bad for an alternative. Also the slab format feels more adult for some reason like you’d want to glide around in a silk burgundy gown as per galaxy ad woman. But without the guilt.

2015-12-16 20.37.10

i Choc

Not a bad alternative for fans of white chocolate. Despite it’s futuristic title, i choc is a bit reminiscent of going to the pictures and eating white mice – the main staple of my pic n mix bag.

It’s not Milky Bar but it hits the spot and is a small price to pay for not funding the horrors inflicted on our cow friends.

Lindt BunnyLindt Bun

This was a surprise addition to my repertoire, I loved Lindt, and this little bun is somehow still just as creamy as its secretion infused counterpart.

It felt like a real treat, just like in the old days when I thought my mum presenting me with a shiny gold bunny instead of an egg was a sign I’d reached adulthood.

sains barSainsbury’s Free-From

This chocolate at just 45p is at the cheaper end of the scale. If you were a fan of cheap advent calendar chocolates like me, then this will definitely be up your (quality) street.

Nice as a little nibble with your coffee or a post lunch pick-me-up, this little gem is sure to chase away those pesky chocolate cravings.

Vego Bar

My favourite of aaaall the chocolates and definitely one of the closest alternatives to dairy milk chocolate.Vego

I didn’t try Vego for ages, the packaging is not too inspiring- and also the name. It’s just too vegan. It sounds like a healthy snack in disguise. Which is why I was so pleasantly surprised when I first put one to my lips.

I felt like Charlie of chocolate factory fame- when he first gobbles down a chocolate bar after a lifetime of cabbage eating (though my diet is slightly more varied). It just went down SO easily.

Substantial in size, it ticks all the boxes- creamy, smooth, silky and sweet. And there are actual hazelnuts in it too- I suppose we should be grateful for the protein- but not too many that it borders on healthy or wholesome or something.

carobCarob Bar

This is a bit of a surprise entry. Carob is lower in fat than cacao and contains no caffeine. With my aversion to healthy snacks – carob does rouse some suspicions in that area. It does suggest ‘healthy,’ or like a pyramid seller’s dream or something.

But actually carob is pretty darn tasty. It’s like cacao’s exotic cousin. It has a kind of raw powdery texture which for me, is what sets it apart from chocolate. That and it has a bit of a ‘pet shop’ taste to it – perhaps because it’s from a tree? It’s like the exotic cousin whose also a bit musty – one of those smells that should be wrong but you kind of like it anyway.

I’ve either heightened your curiosity or completely put you off carob. But hopefully there’s at least one thing in this list that will excite and satiate those pesky cravings!

Watch this space, I may update the list if I come across any more worthy candidates. Though this may be subject to finances!

Happy Easter ‘n’ stuff!


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