12 Cheap, Easy Vegan Sandwich Ideas

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This is a celebratory post courtesy of a new job. Mainly because packed lunches are probably the best thing about going to work! Oh and getting paid of course.

I’ve since been pondering sandwich filling ideas that go beyond the old wobegone crusty hummus, falafel combo (deep I know), and I’ve come up with quite a few cheap and easy to assemble fillings, and probably within reach- or at least  metaphorically speaking.

Image: Carey Jones

My bumper selection goes something like this:

Peanut butter and jam: a classic that even dairy fanatics are sure to be on board with. Even though they’ll probably insist it can’t possibly be vegan due to its yumminess.


Hummus and chutney: this is one of my faves. I like the wetness and tang of the chutney coupled with silky hum hum. As sexual as it sounds. Greens optional.

Image: Olive and Ruby

Banana sandwich: childhood classic for me. Also works well with pb or chocolate (Plamil’s dairy free spread or Nature’s store from Tesco) for those with an insatiable sweet tooth.

Image: Fiery Spirit

Biscoff sandwich: Again not for the savoury but fans of  lotus biscuits can now enjoy the coffee companions in sandwich form. Available from Asda and Sainsburys.

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Salad and egg free mayo. Sainsburys free from is a little more like Salad Cream which I’m grateful for or Plamils do a nice range (the garlic one is a particular fav). And most supermarkets have a free from section before anyone moans the health shop is too far. Why not get some Gary while you’re at it?

Image result for plamil mayonnaise

Pesto and avocado: you can make your own (super simple if you have a mixer/blender) or many supermarkets such as Tesco do a free from pesto. If you’d like- even chuck the avocado itself in to make a creamier thicker filling. Add optional greens/tomato/cucumber etc.

Image result for pesto mixer
Image: Mezze & Dolce

Onion bhaji with chutney/ pickle etc: bored of falafel?  Many packaged Indian starters from supermarkets are vegan particularly bhajis and samosas. You could have a samowich.

Grilled tofu sandwich with salad and/or condiment of choice: It takes a couple of minutes to grill tofu either side. Just make sure you buy firm! Or you can find pre prepared tofu from the Cauldon range available in most supermarkets.

Image result for tofu sandwich creative commons
Image: Dinosauregg

Veg pate from Tesco,  Waitrose or Ocado is a nice easy one if time is not of the essence. Team it with mayo, pickle, chutney etc.

Guacamole is easy to make and you don’t even need a mixer! Mash avocado with some tomato, red onion, fresh or dry coriander and a squeeze of lime or lemon. Team with anything; sometimes just bread will suffice.

Image result for guacamole
Image: Allrecipes

Salsa sandwich: ready made salsa is easy to find. Couple with tofu, hummus,  salad, falafel or even crisps if you’re feeling particularly devilish. (That’s the no milk – powder kind).

Image result for dorito salsaStuffing and cranberry sauce sandwich: get festive all year round with a personal favourite of mine- you don’t even really need to oven bake the stuffing. Whack a meat substitute in there and really go to Christmas town.

Image result for vegan christmas sandwich
Image: Cilantro and Citronella

You’re welcome.

Right, now where did I put my quinoa…

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