I’d rather have Gary- Sainsbury’s vegan cheese review

wVegan cheese is the one area in which smug omnivores enjoy ‘catching out’ vegan folk. And annoyingly there’s never been a brand I can wax lyrical about- even if I knew what that meant.

‘I could never give up cheese’ is the ultimate feeble excuse that make vegans everywhere grit their teeth.

So. The fact that none other than Sainsbury’s (Sainsburys!) has decided to give vegan cheese (AKA Gary) a chance is a humdinger of a whoppingly ginormous step forward.

Bute Island Foods the creators who brought us Sheese have been busy beavers creating exciting new flavours and experimenting with new ingredients to create the ultimate vegan elixir.

And they’re not far off!

The three we checked out were Wensleydale with cranberries, Greek-style and cheddar with  caramelised onion.


The wensleydale with cranberries for me was probably the one most reminiscent of ‘Sheese’ as most vegans know it, with a soft salty tang and the cranberries adding texture and a yummy perfumey taste.

The Greek-style ‘feta’ – (insert stock pseudonym here) was lovely and creamy and mildly salty with a melty-in-the-mouth quality. Though it doesn’t have the same crumbly texture as true feta. Or just ‘feta’ to be PC.

The red caramelised onion cheddar is my hands down fave. I’m unsure why I was so surprised that it did actually taste of CO! But it really stands out from the other two with its superbly tangy and mild smokey flavour.

The tapenade may have been a little excessive!

I will DEFINITELY  be back for more and hopefully the cream Garys won’t have sold out this time!!

Safe to say it was the best wine and cheese night I’ve ever experienced. Although admittedly the last (and only) time I had wine and cheese was on the rooftop of a backpackers in Sydney and featured the infamous boxed wine-goon; a vegan wine fable if  there ever was. But we know our Gary is better than that!


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