Oh no, the tofu I bought is… ‘silken!’

I’m still not sure how I feel about tofu..it’s OK but I’ve never been ecstatic about it. I’ve cooked it a handful of times with varying degrees of success. But I’m determined not to give up on it yet.

Especially after listening to woman-crush Collen P-G’s extremely informative Food for Thought podcast  on the shape-shifting plant substance. One thing I’m still intrigued to try after listening to the above, is freezing tofu. She advises, emphatically I might add, that freezing it can alter its texture and allow it to absorb things that make it taste of something.

However, my patience with the ambiguous plant goop waned yesterday when it finally dawned on me that- just because a packet of tofu says ‘firm’  doesn’t mean it’s not the savoury person’s arch nemesis: ‘silken tofu.’

Apparently both types of tofu can come in varying firmness even though one is just so obviously more goopy than the other. I begrudgingly looked into this conundrum I had on my hands.

Extra/firm silken tofu, while still ‘silky” is recommended by this handy guide as thickener for sauces, soups or to chop for salads and entrees. Otherwise its better for baking or liquefying and used as cream for desserts etc.

However determined to not have to pretend to enjoy the unanimous sludge just because I’d cut it into a more civilised cubular format,  I put a wooden chopping board on top of it followed by a big saucepan, and then I hacked into some sweet potatoes in the remaining space and listened to the sweet squelch of reverse tofu irrigation.

It held quite well, though some of the cubes were a bit misshapen.

I heated a generous ladle of oil on a medium high heat before dropping in a couple pieces to test.  I put in the rest following their glowing success. I do recommend keeping a careful eye however as they could burn quite quickly.

I got so confident I even added my cupboard brew of olive oil, vinegar,  oily tahini run off, soy sauce and a bit of rice syrup (it’s the only time I’ve bought it I swear!).

The result! And if you look closely you might see some tofu...
The result! And if you look closely you might see some tofu…



The result: some tofu bits that added a nice, textured (salty) bite to a crunchy salad. I froze the other half in my excitement though I obviously wasn’t paying enough attention to Colleen because I didn’t realise you’re supposed to drain it first, nuhhh!!


Recently I had a much easier deal with some ‘regular’ tofu, or simply ‘tofu’ to us connoisseurs…by ‘Clear Spot.’ This is inexpensive and like actually firm and easier to fry. I still recommend draining it though. ..or you know just read the instructions. Whatever.

On the other-hand- if you accidentally bought the silken stuff for dinner- don’t fret! And if it is the super wobbly stuff- skip dinner and have pudding! Unless you’re a ‘savoury person’ like me then throw utensils.

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