Hungry Vegan? No Drama in Rama! Hare Krishna Restaurant, Riga

We had an unexpected yet humbling encounter at the Hare Krishna restaurant, Rama. After feeling unimpressed and unloved by a trendy, non-committal in a ‘we’re cool because we used to be a bike shop’ sort of way, veggie cafe with despairingly slim offerings, we came across a Hare Krishna restaurant reported to be cheap and delicious. So we popped in and eventually ordered after hovering like unfulfilled hovery insects for about 10 minutes while being warily sidestepped by normal people.


‘I’m vegan,’ I finally announced. Not the opening I had mentally rehearsed but it seemed to work. The lady immediately procured a silver tray, the kind as a kid, I’d dreamed of eating from in front of the telly, and she began pointing at pretty much everything. So then I began ordering pretty much everything she pointed at. She had to return to the till to weigh it each time I added something, though her face never gave way to any flicker of annoyance. I guess she was just used to it.

My tray was pleasantly bursting and I didn’t (to my shame) have any room for salad. I had koftas (must research), cauliflower curry thing, potato cake, cabbage medley thing and herby rice. I was so full and happy after.

I bought a new toothpaste (necessary) and a sandalwood soap (celebratory) from the shop next-door. So there it was; my first Hare Krishna experience. And hopefully not the last. Maybe next time I’ll learn the dance.

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