Red Alert in Lithuania

IMG_20150420_143617Raw 42 was just one of three raw restaurants in Vilnius, and as the capital is unabashedly small, that’s pretty impressive.

Like our borsch soup starter, the initial welcome was luke-warm. Marc’s gruff male exterior with his arctic beard and boots just short of slinging a haunch of seal blubber prompted the waitress to explain it was a raw food vegan restaurant that didn’t offer meat.
‘Yeah, yeah, that’s OK,’ a poor, flustered Marc replied with a smile to which she shrugged and handed us some menus.

We ordered the Lasagne which comprised courgette and cashew nut cheese sauce over the top. It was delightful and thankfully not too filling on top of the incredibly substantial starter of borsch soup. Delivered in a huge bowl with shredded beetroot and a scoop of nut cheese on top. It was rich, heart and wholesome; perfect for hungry travellers. Interestingly during our travels we had learned that unlike a regular restaurant where food needs to be cooked to above 75 degrees Celsius, raw food restaurants comply to just a 48 degree maximum. And the soup remained invariably tasty.

Just one teeny weeny niggle though, it should definitely come with some form of disclaimer, particularly if you have a hypochondriac boyfriend who might be inclined to think his beetroot coloured excrement is a poignant indication of kidney failure! Hours of fun Googling and consulting parental relations followed the Lithuanian borsch binge. Though thankfully stool watch became a thing of the past when normal colour finally resumed somewhere around the Polish border.


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