Kama, Kama, Kama..Riga, Latvia


Kind of floaty vegetarian loving type people, is exactly what we encountered in the Kama Tea Hub next door to our guesthouse. A lovely faced, late 20 something girl greeted us with a friendly smile, gave us a beautiful handmade menu cum photograph album and told us not to be afraid to ask questions. The cafe itself was more like someone’s living room with mahoghany cabinets, tables washed in bluey-purple paint and dim-lit corners heaped with brightly coloured cushions.

Trinkets, books and bongs took up any available space, and layers of incense permeated the air like drifting memories of faraway places, accompanied by flutey, dreamy music. This is what I wanted, (after the notorious Buddha encounter) thought I reclining.


Talking of stereotypes, I’m not exactly Britain’s strongest representative on the tea front. Overwhelmed with the bumper menu of exotic tea, I chose the Mathca latte with rice milk recommended on the blackboard.


Matcha tea, I’ve since learned- is green tea unplugged; green tea leaves n’ all,  ground down to a fine powder.  Apparently  much richer in antioxidants and a preventative against cancer et al.

The latte was a minty green colour and had little beads of what tasted like cocoa at the bottom. Marc also tried a raw matcha tea ice cream cake, consisting of 3 layers. A green tea blancmange like layer, with coconut cream and a fruity base of what we suspected mango and maybe apricot. And it was blooming fantastic!

Apologies for half eaten pic- it was just so good!

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