Dead Simple 3 Ingredient Chocolate Recipe (just call me Vianne Rocher)!

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Last Friday evening, I decided to do the thing I enjoy the most- making yummy things to eat! Though after a hard day’s cleaning, ( followed by a considerable amount of wine) I decided to go for a recipe that’s simple yet effective for all involved!

I made 3 ingredient chocolate- an easy peasy yet really tasty treat to banish  those naughty cravings inspired by Cadbury and all those other bad guys.

I came across this life-saving recipe one day when possessed by such cravings! And I was surprised at how simple making chocolate can be, and even more surprised that my chocolates weren’t tarnished by some disaster or other (like when I usually try something new).

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All you need for this recipe is, cocoa (I use raw as per the recipe), coconut oil and a sweetener (I use date syrup). I also like to add peanut butter as I’m not a huge fan of bitter chocolate (no matter how hard I try). I find it really takes the edge off and makes it a little creamier 🙂

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I thought I was a genius by running hot water over my spoon before attempting to scoop out my coconut oil…but my coconut oil was having none of it…

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I recommend a whisk…(but most people have those anyway).

There’s so much scope for experiment here too i.e. a sprinkle of nuts, dried fruit, desiccated coconut, a dash of whiskey… you could even experiment with plopping (there’s no better verb sorry) something into the centre before it sets!

20160219_195726-01 copy                           The white one was some kind packing container I salvaged from a stockroom bin (I ate those ones)!

20160221_214758-01 copy 2                                                          It was all a bit messy but they didn’t turn out too badly at all <3

The batch I did was slightly less than the recipe calls for but I still came out with 20 chocolates or so (and due to my improvised stock of molds some were much bigger than others!) so I decided to offer out some to our hostel guests! I try to keep them separate once out of the fridge else they’ll mulch together, and I’ve wrapped these in cellophane to give them a more personal touch!

baggies pic

As per past experiences (familial parties) I have also  begun to refer to them as truffles due to their melty nature. That way you don’t get any undue criticism (Dad).



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