Confessions of a Relatively Low Maintenance Vegan at Christmas

Christmas for a vegan can be an awkward, upsetting and sometimes lonely affair.

2016-01-03 19.52.30(1)Particularly when those around you are accustomed to consuming animal carcass’s or excretions like it’s completely normal.

Well unfortunately for some it is, and since itย  used to be normal to me, I can kind of forgive them (though apparently not when provoked).

However, the vegan doth protest too much, methinks…my Christmas actually wasn’t too bad judging by the emotional outbursts by some vegans dominating my timeline; interjected only by the occasional ‘Merry Christmas’ and Oreo gift set picture.

Just joking, I don’t know if Oreo do a gift set but they really should! Some people did get hampers though!

I was not such a person but I did get a a selection of red wine, all vegan certified and everything, and from an omnivore!

My raised hackles abated and I felt grateful that at least my family do respect my choices even if I’m subject to a little ‘teasing’ now and again. And also a little bit guilty that I still drink probably not vegan wine. It is however, something I will be addressing in 2016 (so now). I recently discovered this website which provides an extensive list of wines you can search to find out if animal friendly or not, so there’s no excuse!

2016-01-03 20.28.11
Psst might have already drank a couple! And the no label one is homemade (and vegan)!

I was also a little nervous of receiving presents from sheep (not directly) and animal tested products. I did get a few controversial Body Shop bits which I’m still not sure what to do with. Body Shop despite claiming no animal testing, are now owned by L’Oreal who do test, so it’s definitely a fifty shades area.

I might give them away or maybe I should use since I’m certainly not going to throw them out?

Oh to be ignorant!

I didn’t do too badly on the wool front, I got an incredibly fluffy dressing gown which upon worryingly checking the label, turned out to be polyester. Whew!

Christmas jumpers were the subject of debate when my sister requested I purchase one for the day. I kind of conveniently forgot, admittedly out of cynicism over smug hipsters not quite appreciating the irony, as much as for the wool industry.

Anyway thanks to Marc’s step-Dad’s great taste, I definitely found my niche in silly jumpers, and it wasn’t even wool!

2016-01-03 19.54.39
Shake ya ass, express ya’elf…!

My only sulk really aside from the general, ‘let’s eat a turkey because we don’t even really know why, and oh yeah let’s also stuff some nice smelling plants and bread up its bum’ thing, was that one family member requested (jokingly) I eat turkey for his Christmas present. To which my retort was that in return he watch a behind the scenes documentary of factory farms murdering animals for the sake of our smarmy palettes (or something to that effect). Then he sneered at the word murder.

That was the worst part.

I challenged him to think of another verb for killing another being against their will. To which he didn’t really have an answer apart from more sneering.

It is a sad day when one of your family who you (mostly) love and respect, transform in front of your very eyes into one of vegansidekick’s ‘bacon tho’ antagonists ๐Ÿ™

This Christmas has for the most part, been a pleasant experience. Although as my first one as a vegan around my family, I was a little more affected than I had expected to be by what, as a ‘pregan,’ used to be the norm.

I kept envisioning the turkey at whom I’d marveled recently at a nearby animal sanctuary, strutting about with his tail feathers blooming; they really are quite magnificent, I’d thought! And more surprising was the disturbing revelation that I’d never seen a live one!

wild-turkey-956713_640How many people have tucked into their turkey slices over Christmas, never considering the curious beauty of the animal ruthlessly murdered in the name of tradition? Or in my would-be case, have ever even seen an alive one?

I enjoyed my Linda Mc pie thank you very much, no need for the arbitrary stress for a fleeting moment of gratification, siphoned off by a heavy gut and the monotonous reality of leftover animal carcass.

So yeah, apart from all that, mostly positive!

Happy New Year from me and someone’s goat!









2 thoughts on “Confessions of a Relatively Low Maintenance Vegan at Christmas

  1. Awesome article! I’ve definitely had similar thoughts and reactions from others.

    A great link there too for checking wines. I notice they also cover beers and other spirits. There are more resources, and thus awareness, out there everyday.

    I think you’re mistaken about never seeing a turkey however. On Don Det one day we crossed paths with several of them. But I believe we didn’t realize they were turkeys at first because they weren’t fattened up like we usually see them.

    Keep the great posts coming!

    1. Oooh woops! I honestly don’t remember, how awful of me! They are fantastic though aren’t they? Back then I obviously had happy pizza and hammocks on my mind ๐Ÿ˜‰

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