Butternut Squash on a Pizza!? Whatever Will They Think of Next??

Last night we had ourselves a little pizza extravaganza, keeping it simple by using ready made bases!

However in want of a challenge, I decided to purify some butternut squash to use as sauce instead of tomato…OK, it wasn’t so ‘off the bat’ crazy as that; I had been intending to try this out ever since our magical trip to Purezza, the UK’s first 100% vegan pizza place.

We popped in last week after our bellies got the better of us during a modest bar crawl, and marveled over the many delicious options that got me tingling just a wee bit! We decided to go for the butternut squash base, with pumpkin seeds, spinach and caramelised onion…

Look how pretty!

And what a revelation! It just goes to show that without this concept of ‘vegan food’, how narrow-minded our idea of certain dishes can be. I’m sure if any omnivores visited this place, they’d be pleasantly surprised!

The squash added a sweet and creamy quality, keeping the base moist and it felt more natural than slippery, synthetic cheese!

To create the sauce myself, I peeled and cubed half a squash, brushed over olive oil, sprinkled with oregano, basil and chopped garlic, and roasted it for around 20 minutes.

And then the fun part: blasted it until it was light and creamy!

It would be good to use as a dip, Marc noted, as he cavorted about the kitchen like a huge annoying fruit fly (hence I was unable to take pics).

We added some other treasures, including nutritional yeast which has been on my vegan wishlist like forever!

2015-12-11 09.59.41

The end result was almost as good as Purezza, but not quite…I blame the ready made base 😉



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