Bean Sproutin’!

Seed sprouts seem to be one of those healthful things that have stealthily crept into our sub-conscious somehow or other, so Marc was very excited when he purchased this on Amazon:

2015-11-28 16.45.11

We planted the Alfalfa seeds that were included,like good boys and girls. It was all very exciting. Though I’ll be honest, we didn’t have a clue what to do with them.

A bit like when you’re anticipating having a baby and when it finally comes along you’re just incredulous. (OK so it’s not quite the same). They ended up getting lost in a stir fry on this occasion because according to Google, raw is not always best! But we imagined the little seeds spreading their life-giving goodness around our insidey bits as we ate.

2015-11-28 16.16.47

With my new lust for sprouting, I went a’rummaging, and found some dry chickpeas from the early days when dreams were big.

And just look at them now!


Not all the chickpeas had sprouted and some more than others, so I had a bit of an uneven batch. Various sources advise sprouts with just a short tail, roughly 1/4 inch are at their most edible. I plucked most of tailed ones out to make hummus, and ate some of the longer ones. They tasted sweet and earthy.

I put most of them in and left the ones that hadn’t sprouted at all. Perhaps I’d overcrowded the trays.

I used this recipe as a guide, but in the end I used tahini to give the flavour a bit more depth and only used 3 cloves of garlic instead of 4-8 (8!). I also made the mistake of putting water in first (duh) so I had to sift through more adolescent chickpeas to bulk it out. I guess I didn’t really follow the recipe at all…

In comparison to un-raw hummus, it tasted a lot more earthy and sweet. I apparently don’t have a high speed food processor so the texture was a little bitty but this certainly didn’t ruin what was a very hearty and nutritious lunch!


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