Vegans do Lunch with the Devil (kind of)…

Never mind vegan kebab shops, this pub in Brighton now has a full vegan menu, comprising largely of kebabs and hot dogs!20151116_140735(1)


Brighton’s legendary Beezlebab is a catering service that specialises in vegan doner kebabs (Yeah, you heard!). Recently, they’ve taken to working their white, cruelty free magic from half a caravan (obviously) parked in a cosy corner of The Hope and Ruin.



The pub, situated in the city centre, is an eclectic assemblage of upcycling, twinkly lights and ceiling suspended paraphernalia. On entering you might feel like you’re at the entrance of a theme park ride.



We both opted for the seitan doner kebab with vegan tzatziki and chilli sauce, along with peanut butter and jelly loaded fries (or satay sauce and chilli jam for the cynics)! Other loaded toppings include ‘Fooled pork’ a BBQ sauce made from fleshy jack fruit- a definite must try!

2015-11-24 17.35.55

I would certainly recommend to hungry patrons looking for a stodgy fix; something vegans aren’t typically famous for. But it’s so refreshing to find something meat free and so darn, devilishly dirty, dang it!


I’m pretty sure that’s bigger than my face!

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